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Blogging is a vast field, and there are a variety of details you should keep in mind when you choose to blog. This article will attempt to uncover many of the areas in the overall word.

Choosing the right blogging software

In my eyes there is only a tool, which is good enough for blogging, and it is WordPress. It is open source and hence free to use. You can download it from and install it on a hosting account. Remember to choose the right web hosting that supports WordPress. I often recommend or you can choose a dedicated service which

You may well get what we call a ”hosted” blog, which you will find on the or It is free to create, and you do not have to stand with all the hassle. But by default, your blog’s url, so to be called something a la:

Read a blog here.

Topics on your blog

The first thing you need to do away with yourself, is what you should write about in your blog.

Do you already have a website, then your blog, of course, be relevant to the website. For some, it comes quite naturally, and they always know which topics they should write about, others need a little more research.

A blog is often, and should be, a more personal approach to your business. It is here you can express your opinions and draw the communication down to a level where all can be with.

Selling you courses on your website, so can topics be a follow-up on students subsequent, get teachers to blog about relevant news within that they teach in, and so on.

It just require you to think a little out of the box, so you can always find topics to write about. Are you still in doubt, go evs. out on the and search for other blogs within the same area. That you can probably get a lot of good ideas for what else to do.

How often and how far

The posts you write do not necessarily have to follow a particular template every single time. You can easily write a short post 50 to 100 words one day, and then the day after you write a post of 600 – 800 words. It may also be that you make a post only with pictures. The more versatile you make your blog, the more exciting it will often also occur.

It also depends on much of what you write about. All the fashion blogs which have sprung up, shows usually a couple of large images, and then two lines of text. They do a few times a day. After a few years, they can easily have several thousand visitors a day. There are also blogs, which only comes with a post what the other week, but then they, in turn, 1.500 – 2.000 words every time and be read by thousands of people in a short time.

Comments is an essential detail

Comments are some of the most exciting on your blog, as it is the whole concept of a blog. By writing interesting and holdningsprægede post, you can often create a long debate on your blog. This is often more interesting to read than the actual post. Blog that is about tips and tricks, often can also be annotated with even more tips and tricks. Therefore, you should not close the comments on his blog – do you do it, are we back to one-way communication. A blog must be living and personal.


The Danish bloggings has grown over the last many years, and there appears a constant flow of new blogs up – who writes on everything from young people that goes with the advertising to the big companies starting corporate blogs. It provides a unique opportunity to create a large network with other bloggers. By expanding its network your blog more frequently, be commented on and referred to. You can keep time in the network, you often see also that your blog is growing quite naturally.

One should not underestimate the power of that debate over at other people’s blogs, as it often gives as much back on your own blog. As a rule, you also have the opportunity to refer to your own blog – and it can actually provide a lot of traffic.

You can also create a lot of traffic and attention to your blog by writing a gæsteindlæg on someone else’s blog. By writing a post for another blog you’ll enjoy more things. First get his or her blog a great post – something most bloggers will always accept with open arms. Next you get the chance to be seen by all his readers and at the same time make a reference to your own website. It is a good old-fashioned win-win situation.

Traffic and search engine optimization

It is that blogs are extremely suitable for, is to create traffic. The search engines have just one or another sore point opposite the blogs that do that they get it more traffic if you write some good posts. It has a lot to do with the structure of a blog, while at the same time is up to you often updates his blog with fresh content.

Do you have a webshop, a blog can be very advantageous. Make sure that you create it on a different domain (and different server) than your store is located. For example, if your web store is so should your blog be on fx It is certainly my recommendation – some choose to post it on the – which will also be a fine solution.

By having it on another domain, you can link to your products in your web shop, and thus get a lot of great and super-relevant links. It is something that ”booster” to your web store in search engines. At the same time by having links to products on your blog, you can also send a lot of relevant traffic. The visitors coming into your blog, most cases, a post by a search on Google. So they’re looking for the product you might write a post about – and you can send them on to the web shop, then you have a conversion.

So what are you waiting for? Getting started with blogging – but remember, it is a long-term strategy, and believe me, there is candy for the end of the tunnel to retrieve.

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