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It is not a question of whether you should Search engine optimization your website, but simply about how you as soon as possible come well in time. Have you seen the light and the potential to be visible in Google and the other search engines, you can skip the first section. The article is divided in two main parts, which are addressed respectively to the green beginner and for the slightly more seasoned within SEO. You may benefit from reading both paragraphs, but you can also skip around a bit in the article according to taste and preference.

What is search engine optimization?

The word search engine optimization comes from the English Search Engine Optimization, which in daily speech are abbreviated as SEO. It goes briefly out of getting a website high up in search results on search engines on relevant keywords. The objective to be well positioned in the search engines is, of course, to gain as much relevant traffic as possible and thereby new customers in the store.

There are a lot of small and big factors which determine how a particular site should be placed in the search result on a specific keyword. Google and the other search engines have some secret algorithms that determine the position of the many linked websites. Be made, however, all the time tests, and Google reveals, even a few things, so we roughly know what are the factors that come into play and which have the greatest significance.

Why SEO?

It has become so common that information search through particular Google, that it is no more labeled ”search,” but instead ”to Google”. We are looking for a veterinarian, buy a car or need to find next year’s skiing holiday, as a researcher we are on the internet especially using. search engines.

In Denmark, Google has approx. 90-95% of the entire market of search engines. Therefore, it is of course also this search engine to focus on, if we only turn to the Danish audience. You will, however, on the u.s. market or other countries, then some of the other search engines also a reasonable market share – is common to most countries, however, is that Google are market leaders.

Read a Danish guide to SEO


It doesn’t matter what keywords and phrases you choose, when the website needs to be optimized. Many make often the mistake to use himself as a personal preference and it is often a silly idea, since you most likely are very competent within your industry. Therefore, the user you’re probably also a lot of specialised words and names that your potential customers didn’t know existed.

The example that always gets pulled up is the PLUMBING of the man, of course, will call the product fixture, where the majority of his audience call it a faucet – So, the question is, are you professional proud that you will not use a ”wrong” expression, or are you a bit business-oriented and will translate for the most possible?

Google’s guidelines

Google has a number of guidelines for what you can and can’t do. It is not only their ”rules”, but there are a number of tips for the optimization of your website. You can read the guidelines here:

Technical challenges and opportunities

It is especially important for the developer of the website to know the technical challenges, there are a dynamic website. Often it is the small things that makes your web page may have a number of indekseringsbarrierer.

It is often a good idea to use JavaScript to make some nice details. The search engines read JavaScript code, and they also try to get something meaningful out of it, so it is often no problem to have some bits of JavaScript, but if some important text is inside a lot of code, can robots have a hard time reading it and it will with great risk can be weighted lower than if it was HTML formatted text. If the navigation is made in the JavaScript code, the search engines can have difficulty to follow these links. It can easily be done by, with, for example extra HTML menu at the bottom.

Good clean homepages in wordpress.

Duplicate content

A problem as almost all CMS suffer from, is the duplicate content. It means that you can access the same content via multiple urls. The problem with Duplicate Content is that Google will not present 10 search results, with the same content for the user. Therefore determines the search engine which URL should be displayed in the search engine and this can cause major problems in one’s search engine optimization.

The problem can f.ex. occur, if your CMS system has some dynamic features, such as ”print”, where the website automatically prints a printevenlig page. It can provide an additional page with the same content. The problem also occurs if you copy some text directly from another website. Google’s goal is to provide unique and good search results to the user and will therefore not show the same content on multiple websites. Therefore remember to always write unique text!


Google loves good incoming links to your website! Therefore, is linkbuilding a very important discipline, which you can’t get around it. For many it is a low priority task, since it is often not the most fun one can deal with. There can, however, go completely sports to find the good link resources. One of the best ways to find the good links is to identify your competitors in the search engines.

Select some websites out, which is in front of your web page on the good keywords and find out who is linking to them. Often you can also get a link from the same page and hence a link richer and closer to your goal.

You can find out who your competitors are linking to f.ex. via: (free for the first 30 days).

Internal link structure

It is important to show søgerobotten around on your website, so it is easiest possible to find all of your unique and good sub-pages. Therefore, it is important to have a good link structure. On the way you can also tell the search engine which pages it is about a specific keyword.

If you have 3 subpages on vacuum cleaners, you must choose which of them, there must be a landing page for the keyword ”vacuum cleaner” and therefore it would be a good idea to link to the landing page from the other two subpages, where the link has ankerteksten ”vacuum cleaner”.

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